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Thomas Williams JJS Manufacturing


Upon finishing my History degree, I wanted to secure a job that offered me the opportunity to gain some commercial training and to join a business that would invest in me for the future. This is exactly what JJS has offered. They recognise that graduates fresh from University will not have a comprehensive business knowledge, or any technical knowledge of electronics manufacturing, and they offer any individual the opportunity for a ground up tailored training programme.

I was originally concerned that I knew very little about business, and even more so manufacturing, however, throughout the two-year graduate programme, I have been given the chance to learn on the job through various rotations around the different departments within the company. This gives anyone on the graduate scheme an experience of what life is like in each department, and allowing graduates to steadily build up their technical and business acumen, ready for life as an Account Manager.

The scheme operates through rotations across all three JJS sites, where no single day is the same as the next. Important skills are collected along the way that prove crucial for the end role as Account Manager, and any graduate can take with them throughout their working career.

JJS take an interest in all their graduates’ development, and there is a mentor programme to ensure that each individual is happy with how the programme is progressing, as well as the opportunity to conduct further postgraduate study.

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