Michael Towers



I commenced the Commercial Graduate Programme at JJS in October 2015. From November 2017 I made the transition to Account Manager.  The programme I have completed laid the necessary foundations to develop not only the knowledge and understanding of the business but also the confidence to progress into the Account Management role.

What was fundamentally beneficial about the programme was the level and pace of progression. Time is taken to enable you to ‘find your feet’ but there is also ample opportunity to take on greater ownership of tasks. From the offset my responsibilities have been (and continue to be) multi-faceted which adds to the enjoyment. The rotation format of the graduate programme whereby time is spent in a number of departments is practical preparation for becoming an Account Manager. The role requires your collaboration with the vast majority of other departments at JJS, so the connections you make throughout training are vital. As an Account Manager you are the point of contact for every aspect relevant to the customer/s that you are dedicated to. This means representing the customer at internal project meetings, and representing JJS at regular customer service meetings to review performance.  

The level of responsibility is high but it is something that I have been able to adapt to over time and you should not be overwhelmed by this progression. What has been instilled in my understanding from the beginning is that JJS seeks to maintain and find new long-term business relationships. The aim is to foster partnerships which provide shared benefits. Working on a new customer’s project where they are taking their first steps outsourcing their products has given me the opportunity to take real ownership of this endeavour. When you are working with customers that are passionate about the products they design then it contributes towards job fulfilment when you are able to help facilitate their goals.

For me, the graduate programme was just the beginning and becoming an Account Manager was the next step. This position is giving me the platform to continue to drive my development even further. 

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