It’s so important to find the right graduate scheme.

The right graduate scheme will take place in an environment that enables you to grow and flourish as a professional. One where you feel challenged, yet comfortable enough to ask questions and learn. One where you feel at home in the company culture, and fulfilled as a part of the team.

Our graduate scheme allows you to experience working in all areas of the business including procurement, sales, engineering and manufacturing.

We expect you to understand our business inside out as this will be so valuable for your future. After all, how else will you be able to seek out new opportunities and help us continuously improve?

As a business, we never simply stand still and we want determined people with the same vision to join us.

Does that sound like you?

To find out more about our scheme and what some of our past and present graduates have to say, download the eBook below. 

Electronic Manufacturing Employment Opportunities

Are you a curious, passionate, adventurous person
looking to learn new skills and develop alongside a
diverse group of like-minded people?
Then why not join our team at JJS. 
The first six months - Working in partnership with JJS