In the UK

At Lutterworth, UK, JJS Manufacturing has 5 Mycronic pick and place machines arranged in 3 independent lines with the emphasis on high mix, low to medium volume, high complexity assembly. Currently placing between 2 and 3 million components per month, we operate 2 shift patterns (6am-2pm, 2pm-10pm) to ensure flexible availability of capacity.

Ongoing investment in equipment coupled with a proven ability to manufacture high reliability assemblies means that we are equipped to work with all surface mount packages.

In addition, there is an array of equipment for inspection, re-work and moisture sensitive device handling and storage, plus a fully equipped test department, including flying probe and In-Circuit test systems.

Equipment list SMT machine


"Highly accurate machine placement heads mean 0201 package placement is commonplace, with 01005 possible, and multiple large BGA placements are performed on many single and double sided boards"


In the Czech Republic

At Chomutov, we have dedicated assembly lines, plus a broad level of skills for ‘conventional’ through-hole pcb assembly, with facilities for both leaded and non-leaded processes.

Our customers have continuing demand for this technology and, accordingly, we continue to invest in people, processes and equipment to support this requirement.

Given our breadth of electrical and mechanical skills and capabilities, both the UK & Czech facilities have dedicated areas for assembly and test of electro-mechanical products, cabinets etc, equipped with lifting and handling equipment for large cabinet suites and engineered products.

The Czech facility also has cable assembly cells equipped with an array of automatic cable cut & strip and automatic crimp machines.

Equipment list CZ lean line


"Lean process design enables us to create dedicated production lines or flexible manufacturing cells for our customers incorporating assembly, test and packing with full traceability"


JJS Manufacturing - Plant & Equipment


SMT line 1

  • Dek Horizon 03i printer with Gridlok, Hawkeye and Proactiv
  • Mydata MY100DX placement machine
  • Mydata MY15 placement machine
  • BTU Pyramax 100A oven
  • Mirtec MV-3L  AOI inspection

SMT line 2

  • Dek Horizon 03i printer with Gridlok, Hawkeye, Stinger and Proactiv
  • Mydata MY100DX placement machine
  • Mydata MY100SX placement machine
  • BTU Pyramax 100A oven
  • Mirtec MV-3L  AOI inspection


SMT Line 3

  • Dek 265 printer
  • Mydata MY15 placement machine
  • BTU Pyramax 100A oven
  • Mirtec MV-3L AOI inspection



  • ‘Extra Eye’ first off semi-automated inspection system
  • Ersascope
  • Optimax  VMZ20X HM microscopes up to x260 magnification
  • Nikon XT V 160 high-quality PCB inspection x-ray system with X.Tract
Equipment list Mirtec machine


"Every PCBA we manufacture undergoes full high resolution AOI through Mirtec MV-3L machines and is fully traceable through a unique serial number"


  • Takaya APT-9411 CE Flying Probe
  • 2 x Teradyne 1890 In-Circuit test platforms
  • XJTAG boundary scan
  • Various oscilloscopes, generators, meters etc.
  • Aster Testway Express CAD processing software

Through-hole assembly

  • ERSA Versaflow 3/45 selective solder machine
  • Blundell CMS400 leaded wavesolder machine
  • 2 x Blundell CMS400LF lead free wavesolder machines
  • RoHS compliant hand-soldering equipment
  • Bespoke solder pallets designed in-house


Cable Assembly

  • Schleuniger and Seno automatic cable cut and strip machines
  • A range of automatic crimp machines for manufacturers such as JST, Harting and Amp
  • Hand crimp tools
  • Banair cable harness and wiring loom testers
  • Cirrus Solutions cable harness and back-plane testers


Other Equipment

  • PBT stencil cleaner
  • PCB assembly aqueous cleaning system
  • 3 x dry-store cabinets, plus 2 baking ovens
  • Ersa PL550A rework station
  • Ersa ir500A rework station
  • ZYYX+ 3D printer

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