We are proponents of the ‘grow your own talent’ concept. It’s the people that make our business, so we want to empower with the right tools and training required to carve out a rewarding career. We want to elevate our staff, invest in new people and help them to feel fulfilled every single day.

Why choose our engineering placement?

In a business like JJS, no two days or two projects are quite the same. You’ll be faced with challenges and problem-solving that will help you to develop your commercial awareness as well as engineering experience. We will help you get ‘business ready’ and build up your personal brand for when you are ready to leave University.

Electronic Manufacturing Employment Opportunities

Are you a curious, passionate, adventurous person
looking to learn new skills and develop alongside a
diverse group of like-minded people?
Then why not join our team at JJS. 
The first six months - Working in partnership with JJS