• 1975 – CBL Electronics Ltd is established by John Crutchley, Pete Butcher and Frank Lewis – all ex-Hawker Siddeley employees. Unlike many other CEMs who focussed mainly on PCB assembly, CBL partnered with clients looking for an ‘end-to-end’ electronic or electro-mechanical service often involving a combination of PCBAs, wiring and mechanical elements.
  • 1983 – JJS Electronics Ltd is started by Pete Butcher for his three sons – John, James and Stephen. The company traded from a building located at Ladywood Works, Lutterworth – the same premises that Sir Frank Whittle used to build and test the WU jet engine, back in 1938.
  • 1986 – British Insulated Callender’s Cables (BICC) Group acquires Transmitton Ltd (now part of Siemens) and soon after their CEM provider – CBL Electronics Ltd.

Expansion and consolidation

  • 1987 – JJS moved to a new factory in Oakberry Road, Lutterworth.Expansion and Consolidation
  • 1989 – JJS acquires CBL Electronics back from the BICC group. JJS Electronics Ltd now owns premises on Gilmorton Road and Oakberry Road, Lutterworth. The Oakberry Road site is used for PCB production, and the Gilmorton Road site for cable harnesses, along with control cabinet build and panel wiring.
  • 1992 – JJS Electronics received BS 5750-2:1987 accreditation
  • 1997 – JJS moves to Wycliffe Road Industrial Park undertaking a £600K refurbishment
  • 1998 – JJS Electronics Ltd turnover exceeds £8M
  • 2005 – The business establishes a 40,000 sq ft factory within Chomutov, Czech Republic, which receives its BSI accreditation later in that same year.

Acquisition and growth

  • 2007 – The Paragon Electronics Group acquire JJS Electronics Ltd
  • 2009 – £750k investment made in IT infrastructure, plant and equipment.
  • 2010 – BS EN AS9100 accreditation achieved across all sites.
  • 2013 – Further investment of £650k made installing another SMT line
  • 2014 – Group turnover exceeds £29M
  • 2015 – JJS Manufacturing brand name established. Group turnover exceeds £31M
  • 2017 - ISO 14001:2015 accreditation achieved. Group turnover exceeds £35M
  • 2018 - Group turnover exceeds £43M. Additional 13,000 sq ft facility acquired in Chomutov, Czech Republic. £500k additional investment in IT infrastructure, plant and equipment. ESCATEC HQ in Penang
  • 2020 - Further investment is made in an additional 40,000 sq ft facility in Chomutov, Czech Republic. Group turnover exceeds £51M
  • 2021 - JJS Manufacturing is acquired by ESCATEC, creating a combined organisation with a global reach and expanded capabilities. Group turnover on track to exceed $300M
  • 2022 - JJS Manufacturing Ltd company name changed to ESCATEC Mechatronics Ltd

An Introduction to Outsourcing Your Electronics Manufacturing

As an original equipment manufacturer, you may have considered outsourcing part or all of your manufacturing before. In fact, you may be on the verge right now.

The first six months - Working in partnership with JJS