This is a critical process as PCB assemblies have become increasingly more complex and the ability to test these using traditional methods and systems has become more difficult. Therefore considering design for test in the early stages of product development is vitally important in order to ensure that adequate fault coverage and diagnostic ability is available. 

DFT delivers benefits including:

  • Increased test coverage
  • Reduced test times
  • Simpler test requirements

All of this contributes to improving the overall efficiency of the test process and reducing test times, and therefore overall product, costs and getting this right will have an important impact on the products viability throughout its lifecycle.

JJS manufacturing has considerable experience in working with customers at this critical stage to help to ensure that their designs are optimised for the test processes that will be used downstream.

Test solutions your EMS partner should offer

design for test stage

The Definitive Guide to Test: Within Electronics Manufacturing

Testing is an integral part of the manufacturing process, which ensures defects are rooted out and resolved before a product reaches its customer.

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