Danielle Olivier

Danielle Olivier JJS Manufacturing


So far my first year on the graduate scheme has been a whirlwind experience in terms of support, personal development and business understanding.

Year one of the scheme is split into four stages which has given me the opportunity to experience and understand all areas of the business, meaning that by year two I will have all the necessary skills to take on more responsibility in my job role.

Having no experience of electronics or manufacturing, I didn’t think that I stood much of a chance of being successful. But, during the interview process it was made clear that it wouldn’t be an issue, as long as I had the drive and desire to learn and improve.

There is a real focus on personal development and training along with the offer to complete a relevant postgraduate qualification of your choice.

The highlights for me so far have been having time to integrate within the different departments, assisting on creative material design, attending exhibitions and the continuous training opportunities that have been offered to me.

I am looking forward to continuing into my second year of the scheme and aim to use the time to expand my knowledge and take on more responsibility within my role within the marketing team.

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