Are you ready to explore new opportunities to kickstart your career or take it the next level?

Whether you’re a student, graduate or an experienced professional, discover the impact you could make with a career at JJS.

Constant innovation

Delivering innovative supply chain and manufacturing solutions to our global customer base, we have a commitment to the continuous learning and development of our team. 

Our achievements are underpinned by staff that are constantly encouraged to explore new ways of thinking and working. We want to encourage more and more remarkable people to join our team and develop with us to become the next generation of talented and innovative engineers and manufacturers. Do you have the tenacity to drive ideas forward, broaden your horizons and take risks? Are you a curious pioneer? Join us on our continuous journey to growth and expansion, at an extraordinarily progressive time.

unlock your potential

Develop your career at JJS 

With global demand for contract manufacturing rapidly rising, this continued growth, along with a proven track record of talent development, will enable you to fulfil your true career potential.

Combining electronics, electrical, pneumatics and wide range of mechanical components, our people have the opportunity to pursue a number of career paths with our training and development programmes that are aimed at elevating and progressing people.

At a company like JJS, we've created an environment that enables and encourages you to unlock your full potential. 


With over 400 employees across 4 sites around Europe, our focus continues to be on creating a personal and friendly environment. The majority of staff know each other on a personal basis and we feel strongly that we can offer opportunities to those who want them without becoming impersonal - and here’s why:


Listening days where staff are actively encouraged to tell us what they think about JJS as an employer


No private offices so managers and directors are visible and available at any time


Daily, weekly, and monthly updates about the business

With a demonstrable track record of growth, we believe in hiring the right people and training them to do a job well.

Electronic Manufacturing Employment Opportunities

Are you a curious, passionate, adventurous person
looking to learn new skills and develop alongside a
diverse group of like-minded people?
Then why not let your remarkable talent make an
impact in the manufacturing world by joining our team at JJS.

The first six months - Working in partnership with JJS

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