At JJS, we provide end-to-end outsourced manufacturing solutions.

Our aim is simple. We want to support our customers by minimising pain and removing the complexities associated with electronics manufacturing, giving them more time to focus on the core activities that bring value, innovation and help them sell better products.

1983 year founded Year Founded
430 talented employees 520-talented-employees
100k square ft connected facilities 150k-square-footage
43 million annual turnover 51-million-annual-turnover
9001 2015 ISO QMS ISO 9001:2015
14001 2015 ISO EMS ISO 14001:2015

A trusted outsource partner to OEMs

When it comes to electronics manufacturing outsourcing, it’s critical for an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to have confidence in their assembly partner.

By outsourcing the procurement, assembly and test to the Contract Electronics Manufacturer (CEM), an OEM relinquishes control over their day-to-day manufacturing operations. 

They need to be fully confident that when it comes to making production changes, their trusted provider can respond with the same precision and dexterity as they would.

As an experienced CEM and outsource partner, JJS Manufacturing is able to demonstrate knowledge, capabilities, skills, processes, controls and agility in managing our customers' business to a level such that they feel wholly comfortable in relinquishing this control to us.

"Our customers are the focus of everything we do and each decision we make. We know that our success is built on providing winning solutions for all our customers."

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JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos
JJS Manufacturing Clients Logos

Why JJS for your electronics manufacturing outsourcing?

Ranked as one of the largest UK EMS providers with a wholly-owned off-shore manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, for over 35 years we have been supporting our clients in growing their businesses. During this time, we have watched our customers develop innovative new products, dominate market sectors, and significantly improve the financial strength of their organisation.
Unlike some other CEMs, we offer a complete, complementary range of assembly services and solutions, underpinned by our demonstrable track record in supply chain management.
Ensuring the integrity and availability of the material we source is something we take very seriously which is why we have over 60 staff across the group dedicated to this critical process.

Our mission

To provide a range of outsourced manufacturing
services to enable our customers to grow.

Whether you’re considering outsourcing for the first time or already working with an EMS provider, keeping on top of regulations and the latest way of thinking can be a challenge. If you would like to receive unbiased, informative content surrounding electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing click here to subscribe to our blog.


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Lutterworth, UK

Very much the ‘electronics centre of excellence’, our UK facility has a proven track record of delivering prototype and pre-production units, through to demand-driven logistics and medium volume electronics manufacturing.

Chomutov, Czech Republic

Our Czech facilities offer Central European material sourcing and are where the majority of our clients’ complex electro-mechanical assemblies are built and tested. With a highly agile workforce, we are able to respond flexibly to customer demand and deliver tested products direct to the end user, wherever they are in the world.

Bedford, UK

Bedford acts as our electronics and electrical materials ‘hub’, providing our manufacturing facilities with the right parts, in the right format, at the right time.

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Lutterworth, UK 40,000 sq.ft.


Chomutov, Czech Republic 96,000 sq.ft.


Bedford, UK 20,000 sq.ft.

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